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Radio Weave Mesh sold per metre, Chinese High Quality, Custom Lengths

Radio Weave, available in two widths 18″ (46cm) wide or 24″ (61cm). High-Quality unbleached rattan / sheet cane.

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NOTE: this item is sold per meter, we can sell it in a running piece longer than 1 meter. If you want 160cm add 1.6 to the cart.

$125.00$195.00 Include GST


Deluxe Radio Weave Cane Mesh, 18″ (46cm) wide OR 24″ (61cm)

NOTE : this item is sold per  metre , but we can cut it down to your preferred size.

Perfect for your own projects or repairs! Our deluxe open weave cane mesh is manufactured in China, resulting in a smoother and stronger weave than other Indonesian mesh. Whether you are a hobbyist, craftsperson, or just trying to fix your dining chairs, this mesh is sure to suit.


Additional information

Weight0.053 kg
Dimensions47 × 9 × 9 cm

18" 46cm, 24" 61cm

Cobra Cane