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Chairs, not only add beauty to the interiors, they also welcome guests home. When you choose furniture for your living room, classy and elegant white rattan chairs or stylish cane chairs are the right choices. Compared to metal chairs, cane and rattan chairs are more durable, light-weight and gives your home a natural feel.

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Best Cane Chairs in Brisbane, Australia

If you’re looking for comfortable and long lasting cane furniture in Brisbane, Cobra Cane brings you our furniture to anywhere in Australia. We offer you cane and rattan chairs in various designs and colours. You can pick the best furniture based on the colour and size of your room.

Browse through our collection and select the chairs that suit your space the most. After all, it’s your home and your home should speak about you! Our cane chairs range from armchairs, swing chairs, and saucer chairs to loveseats, rattan chairs, flower chairs, wicker chairs, and wooden benches.

Other Products & Services

Apart from cane chairs, we also offer other furniture and accessories to adorn your home like tables, mirrors, curtains, storage drawers, statues and plant stands that make your home a warmer space with a touch of Cobra Cane!

We Can Assist You

You may be still confused as to which furniture to go for. You can write to us at or call us at (03) 9417 7888. Let’s discuss and decide the best furniture for you!


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