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Cobra Cane – Your Provider of High-Quality Modern Cane Furniture

Cobra Cane is home to a fabulous selection of indoor and outdoor cane furniture and accessories. With our versatile collection, we are your one-stop platform for cane furniture in Adelaide, Sydney and other parts of Australia. We bring to you a splendid range of cane furniture, expertly crafted to the highest standards. Available in a diverse range of styles, our collection is designed to suit any taste and home decor. You can completely rely on us for cane furniture of superior quality. Whether you are looking for modern cane furniture or for indoor or outdoor cane furniture, we have a stunning collection in store for you. We have a strong variety of classic and modern cane furniture that come in different styles and designs. This way, we are sure that we can provide everyone in Melbourne with the cane furniture that precisely fits their requirement.

Affordable Cane and Wicker Furniture

If you are looking for affordable cane furniture in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and surrounding suburbs, look no further. We offer the best quality and latest style while maintaining reasonable prices for our collection. Browse through our collection to discover an exciting range of beautifully crafted furniture at affordable rates.

Passionate & Experienced About Classic & Modern Cane Furniture

Since 1991, we have become an iconic figure in the cane industry, thanks to our commitment to being a dedicated retailer, wholesaler and importer of quality products. We have always believed that Melbourne, and the whole of Victoria, should be entitled for an easy access to high-quality cane, wicker and rattan furniture. That is why we have a wide collection of cane furniture and accessories in our store.

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Creations & Restorations for All Your Indoor & Outdoor Cane Furniture

Not only do we provide furniture and accessories, we can also conduct cane repairs of all sorts, as well as manufacturing products to your specifications and requirements. For the experts of all types of cane furniture (including modern, classic, outdoor and indoor cane furniture) and accessories, you know, we are the team for you.

Our Products & Services

Cobra Cane offers you the best of cane furniture in Melbourne! Our exclusive online collection has every kind of cane and rattan furniture you have ever dreamt of. We also repair your old cane furniture for you!

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