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Why Trust Our Raw Cane Materials

/Why Trust Our Raw Cane Materials

For years, people throughout Melbourne, and Victoria, have trusted the team at Cobra Cane, thanks to our commitment to providing the highest quality cane and wicker furniture for everyone. Part of our passion is that fact that only the best quality cane and wicker is used in our products, thereby guaranteeing years of longevity, a strong endurance and smooth feel. That is why people love our cane furniture and accessories.

More Than Cane Furniture…

Not only does Cobra Cane have the wide array of accessories and furniture in store, but we are also providers of raw cane materials. In our possession, we have raw cane and seagrass rope materials. Part of our commitment to these raw materials is to provide our clients with the opportunity to repair and create their furniture or art project.

Pahang-Cane-5-350x350Highest Quality Raw Materials.

Our raw materials includes high quality pahang cane, as well as seagrass rope. We source these high quality materials so you can use it for your own personal reasons. This way, we can guarantee that for all your creations, you get the best and highest quality raw cane materials. We are a staple name in the cane industry and when you experience our high quality raw materials, you will see why people trust us.

If you want to experience and enjoy our raw materials, check out our “Raw Materials” page. If you have any enquires or questions regarding our raw materials or cane furniture or accessories, contact us today on 9417 7888, email us at You can also visit us at 388 Heidelberg Road, Fairfield, 3078.

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