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Round Willow Laundry Hamper, White

Beautiful white Round willow hampers in three sizes : Small, Medium, Large

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These double weave white willow laundry hampers come with liners included and are available in three sizes

Large: 43 Dia x 50 H

Medium: 37 Dia x 43 H

Small: 30 Dia x 36 H

Willow has been used in basket weaving for centuries. Willows are deciduous trees or shrubs that form large, dense root-mats on the surface of the soil or in shallow water and slow-moving streams. It grows quickly and in abundance. Handwoven into light laundry hampers, each hamper has been painted white to give it a modern aesthetic. There is a calico liner included with each laundry hamper.

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Small, Medium, Large

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