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How to look after your outdoor cane furniture.

/How to look after your outdoor cane furniture.

When it comes to cane furniture of all sorts, including chaise lounge furniture styles, people always purchase these pieces for their outdoors experienced. And for good reason. Cane furniture has always been a fantastic addition to your outdoor experience and atmosphere. It provides a radiant and comfortable feeling to proceedings, as well as lightening up your area with a holiday feeling to it. But when it comes to taking care of your cane outdoor furniture, it is important to follow these steps to maximise the longevity and life of your cane furniture.

Keep it out of the extreme heat.

When we are talking about extreme heat, we are talking about those blistering hot Melbourne days, where it peaks and hits the high 30s. It is not a good idea to leave out your cane furniture in such extreme conditions. This can cause it to get “wet” (caused from the growing humidity) and this can weaken the tightening quality of your cane furniture. The solution is to keep it undercover, regardless of the type of heat, dry or humid heat.

Keep it away from the wet

Much like extreme heat, you don’t want your cane furniture to be exposed to wild cold winds and rains. Not only could it get damaged during the weather, constantly getting wet can make the cane weaker (even this would take years of exposure). Much like the above factor, keep your cane chaise lounge furniture undercover, or considering that many people do you really enjoy the outdoors as much in winter, store it away until the time comes to use it.

Use a vacuum for the cleaning process

When it comes to cane furniture, it is important to remember that due to its natural elements, it will take a delicate hand to maintain it. One of the most effective ways of maintaining the cleaning aspect of your cane furniture is to vacuum it with a brush attachment. This will clean up all the pieces of dirt and gunk that has built up over the days and completely removes it.

Wipe it down

Following on from the vacuuming aspect of the cane outdoor furniture process, make sure that you wipe it down with a damp warm cloth. Mix it a little with with mild detergent to wipe away all the bacteria that has built up, as well as giving it a nice smell and shine to your cane furniture.

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