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Our Commitment To Quality Cane Furniture

/Our Commitment To Quality Cane Furniture

The reason that Cobra Cane has become a household and established name in the cane industry throughout Melbourne and Victoria is because of our commitment to our furniture. We have always maintained that if you will provide clients with the top quality cane furniture they will enjoy for years, they will always recognise you as a consistent and top quality provider. That is what we have been doing, and why we have become a key player in the cane industry.


Top Quality Cane Furniture.

Our bread and bones is our strong and stylish collection of cane furniture. We have a wide selection of furniture items that will change your home for the better. All our furniture items and products are made with the highest quality cane materials on the market. This guarantees you years of strength and durability, so that you can enjoy the best of your cane furniture. This is something that we have always strived to achieve with our products. So within our possession, we have the cane furniture that make the difference for your home.

Superb Cane Accessories.

Not only do we house the highest quality cane furniture in our store, but we also have an array of accessories that can add a little sparkle to your home. All our accessories are made by our specialist team, with the focus to ensure that the accessories are strong, durable and add that level of class and style to your home. With a large collection to choose from, you can find the accessories you need for your home.

To enjoy the highest quality cane and wicker furniture, as well as our cane accessories, come to our Fairfield store at
388 Heidelberg Road, Fairfield, 3078. today. If you want to speak to one of our team members, then contact us today on 9417 7888, email us at

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