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Deluxe Dacron Cushion for Papasan Settee

These Papasan Cushions are Australian Made in your choice of printed, plain or textured COLOURED FABRICS from our In-House fabrics. This Cushion is very thickly stuffed with “Dacron”, it is a polyfil fibre, commonly used in commercial grade couches and sofas. The cushion is buttoned down for the pillow effect and to hold the dacron in place.
Each deluxe cushion is very soft & luxurious. Dacron is a synthetic fibre.

Note : The Dacron fibre may compact down in time, however new dacron can be added to maintain thickness.

Allow 4 – 6 weeks for your custom cushion to be created.

Check out the fabric choices from the link below – write your selection in the notes section of your order.

$359.00 Include GST

Made to Order


Cobra Cane Dacron Cushion for Papasan Settee

If you can’t find a fabric that excites you from our In house range

, you can have a cushion created from a fabric of your choice.
Some recommendations are:

Warwick Fabrics :
Wortley Fabrics :
Profile Fabrics :

Samples are able to be seen in our warehouse OR you can view most of our main suppliers ranges online.

NOTE : These Superior Fabrics will increase the cost of the Cushion, and depends on the cost per metre of the chosen fabric. All  Enquiries are most welcome

Alternately you could supply your own fabric to have the Cushion or Cover made.

If you need to be able to easily clean the fabric we recommend you also purchase a Papasan Cushion COVER.
The Cushion Cover is a zip on cover, like a pillow slip, that can be easily removed for washing or dry cleaning. (Recommended)
These Covers can be made in your choice of any fabric.

Yes, we can even make a cover only for your existing cushion.  Give your old Cushion a new lease of life !!

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