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* Customer Feedback on our Cushions *

* Customer Feedback on our Cushions *



“Dear Stuart,

We received the cushions for our old emporer chairs today and we think that they look and feel fantastic!

The back cushions are thicker and higher than what we had before and as a result we sit straighter.  I’m glad that we paid a little extra to get the Warwick fabrics.  They seem thicker, more durable and just overall higher quality than the original – The Banjo Tangerine seats look great with the Lantana Sunset backs.

We took a bit of a gamble… We ordered the fabrics from pictures on a web site and called you and arranged the cushions on the telephone without having really met you.  We are glad that we took that chance!

You too showed faith and daring in taking the order from us sight unseen.  It must have seemed a pretty strange order!

Thank you and your team.  We are very happy with our cushions and we will certainly keep you in mind if we have need for cane furniture or cushions etc.

Warmest regards

Jorge Garcia


PS: did you take photos for your portfolio?”

–  We haven’t been taking any photos of our cushions unfortunately, but thanks for the idea Jorge, with beautiful custom cushions made weekly in our Collingwood cushion room, we hope to be able to post photos on the website very soon!