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Andalusia Outdoor Cushion for Papasan Chairs

Andalusia Outdoor Cushion for Papasan Chairs

Cobra Cane Exclusive –  outdoor papasan cushion! Made in Melbourne, lead time 3 – 5 weeks.

Andalusia is part of “SOLutions” a new collection of indoor and outdoor by Profile Farics. These fabrics are water resistant, NOT waterproof. If you can’t decide based on these photos, we can express post free fabric cuttings straight to your door.

Select one of 10 Fabrics, please write the name in the notes section of your online order.

  • Willow
  • Volcano – Main image
  • Tango
  • Sunburst (Pictured here with Honey Frame – ready to be sent out)
  • Riviera
  • Platinum
  • Navy
  • Latte
  • Fiesta
  • Aqua


$359.00 Include GST

Made to Order


Made to order, 3 -5 weeks, created in Melbourne by Cobra Cane.

‘SOL’UTIONS by Profile Farics, is an exciting collection of indoor outdoor living fabrics.

SOLutions fabrics are water resistant, NOT waterproof.

We make the best cushions for cane chairs because we understand cane furniture design. Our cushion department has been creating custom cushions for over 30 years. We are expanding our cushion department to begin making a variety of scatter and ottoman cushions. All cushions made to order and sewn here in Fairfield.

In traditional dyeing processes, yarns are only dyed after production, requiring large amounts of water and chemicals. Whereas the colours in solution dyed fabrics are pre-mixed in molten liquid form then extruded/cooled to create full colour permeation in every thread with no water wasted.

‘SOLutions’ fabrics are strong, quick drying, and relatively affordable. They offer a genuine value for chair for outdoor fabrics which if properly cared for, will offer a long and serviceable outdoor life.

General Care: Regularly flip and rotate reversible cushions to ensure even wear and to maintain gradual even colour fading. Vacuum regularly using low suction to remove air born dirt particles that may promote mould or mildew. Wipe food spills immediately, as residues may stain and potentially attract insects. Protect cushions by regularly brushing away bird droppings and air born particles that can gather in fabric seams and harbour mould and mildew. In Winter months extend the life of outdoor upholstery by covering and if possible, storing inane enclosed dry area. Clean before covering and storing to remove surface soiling which may harbour mould in storage.

‘SOLutions’ Oasis Collection.
Polyester fabrics are all solution dyed and offer the following advantages over traditional dyeing:

  • reduction of water consumption by 80%
  •  fewer chemicals and CO2 emissions
  • lower energy consumption
  • long lasting colours as the finished fabrics fade less

Fabric may vary in colour due to the nature of the media – Request a free fabric cutting posted out today!

Please note that fabrics may appear different to the images supplied, we can send you free cuttings. 


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