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Erica Love Seat with Outdoor Cushions

Erica Love Seat with Outdoor Cushions

The Erica lounge range is a Cobra Cane exclusive, handmade with quality rattan in Indonesia. These cushions are handmade by us in Collingwood. The fabric is “Andalusia Sunburst” supplied by Profile Fabrics.

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The Erica lounge set is a beautiful addition to any space. Designed and hand crafted using natural materials.

The set of 4 includes the ottoman 


  • Erica 2.5 Seater 163cm x 74cm x 85cm

Please note, we can custom create new covers for this cane suite. Ask our friendly team for an obligation free quote today.

The fabric is “Andalusia Sunburst”, part of their ‘SOLutions’ indoor/outdoor fabrics supplied by Profile Fabrics. Key features of SOLutions include being:

  • Fade resistant
  • Water resistant (not water-proof)
  • Stain resistant
  • Breathable
  • Bleach cleanable
  • Suitable for both furniture and drapery

General Care(as recommended by Profile fabrics)

Regularly flip and rotate cushions to ensure even wear and to maintain gradual even colour fading. Vacuum regularly using low suction to remove air born dirt particles that may promote mould or mildew. Wipe food spills immediately, as residues may stain and potentially attract insects.

Protect cushions by regularly brushing away bird droppings and air born particles that can gather in fabric seams and harbour mould and mildew.

In Winter months extend the life of outdoor upholstery by covering and if possible, storing in an enclosed dry area. Clean before covering and storing to remove surface soiling which may harbour mould in storage.

All of our cane furniture can last a lifetime, if taken care of properly. This includes protecting cane furniture from direct exposure to sunlight or the elements.

When caring for cane or wicker furniture, it is important to remember that it is made from a natural material and needs to be looked after. The easiest tool for cleaning dust and dirt from wicker is a vacuum using a brush attachment. After vacuuming, you can then wipe the cane over with a damp cloth dipped in a combination of warm water with a small amount of mild detergent.

Being made from a plant material, wicker furniture shouldn’t be exposed to extreme heat, sunlight or too much humidity. If you are placing wicker furniture outdoors, it is a good idea to keep it under a patio or veranda where it will be shaded from the sun and rain. During wet times of the year it is highly recommended to store your wicker furniture away somewhere it won’t be exposed to the weather. Even if it is protected from rain in an undercover area outdoors, there is a chance that the humidity will cause mildew to occur.

In most of the southern parts of Australia, your wicker furniture is likely to be exposed to dry heat during the summer which over time may cause the wicker to become brittle. To keep it supple, simply wipe the wicker over with a damp cloth occasionally. When applying water to the surface of natural materials, avoid over-watering as this may cause mildew. There is one exception to hosing down cane furniture – if the cane is making popping noises this usually indicates it has become extremely dry.

Wicker that has been designed to go outdoors is usually lacquered or varnished with a protective finish. If you have a piece meant for the indoors that you would like to take outside, be sure to check this first. To protect and maintain the cane, apply a light layer of oil to the surface such as linseed, lemon or O-Cedar. This method also helps to remove the appearance of scratches and marks from the surface of the furniture.

The Cobra Cane Warranty for this range is two years from the date of purchase against all defects in material and workmanship. If an items falls under the term of this warranty, the items will be repaired or replaced. If discontinued, it will be replaced with a similar style and finish. All warranties apply to original owners only and require dated receipt. Normal wear and tear is excluded. Abuse, actors of natural, accidents or commercial use voids this warranty.


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