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Premium Honey Papasan Settee with Cushion

Premium Honey Papasan Settee with Cushion

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The famous Papasan Settee aka Double Papasan or Mamasan,  is popular with people of all ages from youngsters up.
Famous as a chair to watch TV from, or to sleep in, the dish is adjustable to many angles as it is not attached to the base.The Premium frame comes with the a premium cushion. Each “Premium” cushion is stuffed with both kapok and foam.

Very comfortable!!!Zip on cushion covers can be ordered too, in calico or any suitable prints or plain fabric.

The bindings are made of natural cane. If some bindings come loose or start to fray due to friction, simply ask us about some cane peel. A few metres should be enough to keep your frames looking fresh. When working with cane peel, we recommend PVC or Gorilla glue to hold in place.

Frame Dimensions– 167cm wide x 115cm deep. Cushion dimensions are approximately 170cm x 130cm x 20cm L x D x H

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Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 167 × 115 × 65 cm
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