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Papasan (French Grey) with Basic Cushion

Papasan (French Grey) with Basic Cushion

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PAPASAN CHAIR, French Grey Frame, Cream Cushion

The famous papasan chair, popular with people of all ages from youngsters up.
Famous as a chair to watch TV from, or to sleep in, the dish is adjustable to many angles as it is not attached to the base.

Size – 114cm Diam.
Cream Cushion with Kapok fibre filling.

Kapok is a natural cotton-like fibre obtained from the seed pod of the tropical Kapok tree ( Ceiba pentandra)

If you need to be able to easily clean the fabric we recommend you purchase a
Papasan Cushion with a plain Calico fabric buttoned on cover, and purchase a
Papasan Chair Cushion COVER.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 115 × 115 × 55 cm