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Golden Rattan Hanging Chair

Golden Rattan Hanging Chair

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New Hanging Chair – natural rattan.

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The Golden Rattan hanging chair is handmade with thick cane poles and natural rattan bindings. A sturdy black hook is attached.

Natural rattan can last you several generations if you look after it. Rattan does not like direct sunlight or rain, so please choose a shady or covered area. Indoors would be ideal, or hang the chair outside during warmer weather and use a cover. In Winter, particular down south, pack the chair indoors to ensure you can keep enjoying.

The bindings are held in place with natural cane, if some bindings come loose simply ask us about some cane peel and we can send you a little care package. A little bit of time and love will ensure you can keep on swinging.

The “care package includes” cane peel 5 metres. We recommend PVC or Gorilla glue to hold in place.

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