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Cushions for Papasan Chairs and Papasan Settees

Cushions for Papasan and Papasan Settees

At Cobra Cane we offer two types of cushion for your Papasan or Papasan Settee. For those on a budget we have imported cushions or for those happy to spend a little more for added comfort we have cushions made in house.

Dacron or Kapok? Many people ask us what the difference is between the two cushion materials.

The Dacron cushion is made here in Collingwood, it is quite thick as its made from soft poly-fill. It is a generous size it easily covers the Papasan frames.

The Kapok cushion is an imported cushion stuffed with cotton type wadding,it is thinner and smaller and sits within most Papasan Frames.

We have a special $25 FLAT RATE of postage and handling to deliver a Papasan Chair Cushion anywhere in Australia! Delivery cost is extra for Papasan Settee Cushions. 

After deciding on a cushion, you can always have a Papasan Cushion Cover made up for you from a variety of fabrics. The COVERS for Papasan cushions also have a low postage and handling FLAT FEE of $15 Australia wide. Phone us on (03) 9417 7888 for a FREE FREIGHT QUOTE